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Arjen is a strong visual storyteller with a mystical edge.

For the past three years we collaborated on many productions.  Our short movie – Inevitabilis – and commercial projects as;smart, Lotus,Bulby, Liander, Magnum and our latest campaign for Mitsubishi (live 1st of July)

His stories and images almost always contain something intangible, just like life itself.  His great love has always been film, but his work as a director started with television. In 2008 he started as a promo director and producer at the Discovery Channel and then grew into a permanent director and promo maker for many shows at Talpa, RTL, NPO and Viacom. In 2016 he started to focus more on directing for brands and campaigns. In that role he was able to make films for many great campaigns and launches for Heineken, ASML, SAP, AFAS and many other great brands. Successful visual storytelling is a combination of extremely well thought out cinematography, styling, locations, music, cast and all the other details.  he wants people to be touched in any way.