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This one’s a biggie 🔋

Just recently the new smart #3 has been launched. With a statement, not to say the least: all-electric, never silent. We got to capture the electric feel of its sleek design and instantly fell in love.

In a smooth collaboration with Mayster, director Arjen Schotel and DOP Sjors Mosman, we’ve produced 70 photos and 8 videos as part of smart’s online global campaign. Half of it was shot in the rugged nature of Croatia and the other two production days took place at the Hyperbowl (a renowned virtual studio in Germany).


70 campaign photos
8 campaign videos


Client: smart
Content production: Mayster
Lead creative agency: Optimist Inc. (DE)
Executive producers (o/b/o): Chev Productions; Eva Wulp, Charlotte Cattel, Adinda Berends, Julie Hansman
Director: Arjen Schotel
DOP: Sjors Mosman
Photography: Ole Westermann
Costume design: Anat Dychtwald
Make up/ hair: Mitzy Mudde
Steadycam operator: Kevin Vidal

Models: Sarah Hanssen, Ugo Gallo, Christopher Lewis Dunston, Marcela Sacan, Miriam Abiba Afani, Sebastiaan van Vliet
Crew Croatia: Swixer
Crew Hyperbowl: Inmotion
Photography editor : Studio Loupe
Offline edit: Camille Boumans
Online edit: Mayster
Grading: Joakim Rissveds
Music & Sound design: Six Feethigh