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In collaboration with Magnum, Eloise van Oranje opened the pop-up exhibition LAYERED at the Beurs van Berlage. In this interactive experience toxic stereotypes were exposed and the power of self-expression was celebrated.
Eloise conveyed a personal message that is important to her: “Be yourself without limits and celebrate your individuality”. On a similar note, Magnum believes that the only way to truly feeling free is to be comfortable with yourself. The exhibition shows the layering of inspiring personalities who are an example to Eloise in breaking free of prejudice.
Eloise talks to Joann van den Herik, Boris (Envy Peru) and Kenzo Alvares about what layering means to them and how this is reflected in their daily lives. Well-known photographer William Rutten has captured the four of them in their different layers.


Client: Magnum – Unilever
Concept & Production: Crocodile
Project management: Chev Productions
PR: Glasnost
Event production: Tasty Lemon
Photography: William Rutten
Production shoot: Chev Productions
Mbassdors: Eloise van Oranje, Joann van den Herik, Kenzo Alvares, Envy Peru
Models: Showpony’s